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I'm New *waves*

Hello, I'm Erik.
I'm new to the community and stuff.
I've been a fan of The Brilliant Green for a few years, since the Terra era. I first heard them on Japan For Sale vol. 1 and I never really searched for anything more than that because... I think Call My Name sounds pretty bad in English.... but anyway, I eventually DID search for more from them and I'm very glad I did. Along with Guitar Vader, The Polysics, Smashing Pumpkins ect... they are one of my favorite bands. My favorite songs from them are The Night Has Pleasant Time, Eva No Kane (of course) Alone Alone, Los Angeles (the song) Trck 2 of their 1st album (I don't have the translation) and Hello Another Way. So hello all.
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*checks through Yesasia* That song is called Tsumetai Hana :)
I think Call My Name sounds pretty bad in English

Oh, and how. The Japanese version is much better.

And hi! :)
Welcome!! ^_^